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     Hi! I’m Allegra and I am a travel & conservation photographer. I grew up in a home where photography was not only a passion, but a way to connect with people. In fact, my parents met through photography—so I wouldn't be here without it!

      My love for photography grew exponentially when I began to travel the world (seven continents, 60 countries—so far!). I couldn't get enough of the vibrant colors and cultures, not to mention the wildlife. Little did I know my opportunity to study abroad would inspire lifelong service for our planet. 

     My images capture unique moments in time that few get to experience firsthand—a whale feeding, a surfer getting barreled, a glacial ice cave, or the sacred synchrony of a hundred people praying in a temple. I want to put the viewer in my shoes—transporting them to the inside of the barrel, glacier, or temple—so that we might all feel better connected. 

     Whether diving in Tonga, skydiving in New Zealand, or wandering a market in Thailand, I can always find adventure and a precious moment to photograph. Visual storytelling is my tool for driving impact and creating change around the globe. My hope is that if people can see the world through my lens, it might help promote awareness and inspire meaningful action towards a healthier Mother Earth. We live on a phenomenally beautiful and diverse planet and I feel a calling/responsibility to be a voice for her. 

     Come experience these catch-your-breath life moments with me—they are more powerful when we share them.

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